Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some encouragement...

Hey there all! I couldn't help but share this one today.... Pray you are blessed as you continue walking on this journey...

"Dear Beautiful Girl,

It's exhausting sometimes to be brave, isn't it? It seems we live in a world where people who are willing to do difficult things are getting more and more rare... But you know the secret to making your dreams come true, right? It is to be willing to do difficult things... and then do them as joyfully as possible.

The things in life that are most worthwhile are difficult to come by, are rare... are hard to get and hard to maintain... but OH SO WORTH IT! It is all worth it, courageous friend.

While others are standing on the sidelines trying to figure out how to get out of doing the work, how to avoid the most discomfort and how to have a drive-through existence... be the ONE who is willing to do what it takes to live an EXTRAORDINARY life.

You will be a legend in no time... because real bravery is hard to come by too... and YOU'VE GOT IT, GIRL!

You are so loved.

I hope this ministers to you as it does to me this morning... Wow!

The journey to recovery requires much bravery, and it is difficult to continuously stand up to ED... It is difficult to stand up to and resist the very real torment that is so powerful and overcoming when we are deep in our eating disorders. However, it all starts with one step of deciding that we are worth fighting for!

You are so brave if you have decided that YOU are INDEED WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

Let us rise up wherever we are on this journey and let us rise up in BRAVERY... Let us choose to say and declare, " I AM WORTH FIGHTING FOR ! "

Take a deep breath, my dear sister (or brother) and don't give up!

We can fight and stand up to ED as we tap into the great strength of the God who rules and reigns and as we come alongside each other!

Have a blessed day!

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