Saturday, May 25, 2013

Today's journey and victory!

Well, today has been a day of testing, but ultimately it has been a day of fighting to secure the victory. After putting myself in accountability last night for some basic fueling for today in order to stay in this battle and stand, I have been able to take in two supplements so far. I've been challenged by my friend/mentor to have something solid this evening, so I am aiming for some fruits and veggies. Deep down I know I want to be strong enough to keep walking this journey, to push through the deeper places of healing, so in His strength, I'm going to fight for another victory tonight.

I will add briefly that this weekend has been a very timely one for staying grounded and being reminded of the value of putting up a fight in order to continue walking this journey! We've had a special healing/ministry training at my church the past two days. Wow! What a timely reminder of standing in the face of battle or in the midst of a turbulent storm, refusing to give up! What a timely reminder of the benefit of staying checked into this journey, even by taking the smallest of steps forward in faith!

The value of standing or refusing to quit is one of the most beneficial because it is a demonstration of the choice to fight! It is a demonstration of the choice for life! It is a demonstration of even a weak, "yes," that is often muttered even with hesitation, as the battle seems too difficult to win. However, the choice to stand is best executed when the stance is rooted in His strength and His truth. I am so grateful for a couple of friends who have supported me in this stance today! Also, I am grateful I was able to be in the Lord's presence where I am confident that grace was poured out with great measure!

Wherever you find yourself today, stand! Refuse to give up! You can do this! I can do this! We can do this!

ONE day a time, ONE step at time, ONE bite (or sip) at a time!!!!

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