Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another poem written during the relapse... There was a thread of TRUTH...

What the Mind Wages
By: Kim Hembry ©
March 17, 2011

I can tell I'm falling deeper into the hold.
I fear I may be losing control.
Or is it that I've risen?
(Slightly from the depth of the pit)
Please remove the blindfold.

I know that both freedom and victory exist.
I know that there's a joy - an utter bliss.
I know I'm meant to live for so much more than this!

Why is it that I can't let go?
Why don't I want to release control?
Why am I settling to stay in this hole?

What's at the center?
What's at the root?
What's driving me?
I feel so confused.

Why can't I eat?
Why can't I truly see -
What this is really doing to me?

There's a tug-of-war happening within.
I feel so fat and ugly,
And I'm dying to be thin.

Yet the value of life isn't on the outside.
But on the inside does it reside.

I'm not meant to survive -
To just barely get by.
I'm called to live an abundant life!

Can you hear the cries -
That come from my heart?
Can you see that I'm falling apart?

Most of you can't -
Probably never will -
Because on the outside, there is a smile still.

How far will I go?
How long will it take?
I know there's way too much at stake.

I've been made for a purpose.
I know that for certain.
A destiny awaits -
Just lift the curtain!

Give me a glimpse of HOPE -
A glimmer of LIGHT.
Help me to see -
The VALUE of my life!

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