Friday, December 2, 2011

Poem I wrote last night... It's been a long week!

Below is a poem I wrote last night...

It has a been a rough week as far as recovery and life go... However, I am not going to lose heart!
Writing this poem helped me to get regrounded!

There is still a lot to catch up on as well, so my hope is to post an entry later today...

Until then, hope you enjoy...

Introspective Grounding
By: Kim Hembry©
December 1, 2011

ED’s cunning voice beckons
It’s longing for peace
It’s screaming and chanting
Deep within me

ED’s pleas increase
They become louder
The strict demands
Start to devour

I gasp for a breath
In need of a break
I reach out for help
For my own sake

Yet ED taunts and jeers
Surrounding with threats
Tears start to fall
To him, I’m in debt

He tries to convince me
To yield to his cry
He tries to keep me
Trapped in the lies

Yet there is One
Who will overcome
His name is Jesus
He’s God’s only Son

He came down to earth
He lived and He died
He bore all my pain
So I could have life

He took my place
When He died on the cross
He paid all my debt
And spared me the loss

He’s the reason I fight
He’s the reason I stand
Though at times I feel dry
He’s sustaining my hand

This journey is long
Still uncertain of time
This is such a battle
I strain toward lasting life

Though the struggle persists
And the journey goes on
I won’t lose heart
I’ll look to the Son

Take hold of me
As You hear my strong pleas
Help me to stand
Don't let ED overtake me

For I will endure
In the strength of the Lord
I won’t lose heart
I’ll gladly stand up

For the time is right now
Fear won't overrule
I will lift up my eyes
To the Lover of my soul!

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