Friday, September 16, 2011

Affirmation needed to get refocused today...

Sigh... Doing my best not to feel super defeated today... 


"I will keep my head - my heart - my soul - all of me - in the game! I won't give up! I will be grateful for grace and for patience! I will not be a continual statistic! I will rise above! Though I may rise up a bit and fall back a little, I will not grow weary in trying! I will value progress and not perfection! I will pick myself up today and remember that it is NOT too late to turn this day around! I will not let ED overcome this entire day! Though I struggle to find my voice, I will muster up even an internal whisper and will whisper even the most simple of truths. I will remember I DON'T walk alone! I will do my best to choose life in this moment!" ~me

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