Friday, September 23, 2011

A poem of weakness and realized strength...

Tired Yet Strong
By: Kim Hembry©
September 23, 2011

I’m straining to hang on
So tempted to quit
So deeply perplexed
I’m tired of this

I’m struggling to fight
So tempted to stray
So strongly torn up
Feeling dismayed

I’m longing for hope
So tempted to run
So saddened inside
Feel overcome

I’m churning within
So tempted to cry
So unsure within
Feel torn up inside

I’m trying to endure
So tempted to lay down
So uneasy and tired
Feel like I’ll drown

I’m looking for light
So tempted to think
That it isn’t worth it
Feel like I’m going to sink

I’m not giving up
Though tempted am I
I won’t lay down
I have to arise

I’m not giving in
Though it’d be easier
I won’t let ED win
I mustn’t surrender

I’m not fighting alone
Though it seems that I am
I must believe and press on
In His strength I will stand

I’m not losing the fight
If I choose to stand up
If I refuse to quit
And never give up

I’m choosing to say
That I’ll take one more step
That I’ll pick up my head
And learn to accept

I’m going to trust
Not going to doubt
I’ll do my best
To speak truth so LOUD

It’s not just for me
That I’ll choose to stand up
It’s for those who haven’t
Heard of His love

There’s a purpose for me
I must cling to that fact
I have to remember
That though I may lack

That He is enough
That He lives within me
That it’s only in Him
That one day I’ll sing

The victory chant
The song of great praise
The lyrics of joy
And glorify His name

So, I reach out for hope
In spite of the pain
I reach out in trust
I’ll face one more day

One day at a time
Taking each step in stride
Moment by moment
In Him I’ll abide

Pressing on is my choice
I won’t lay down
He’s loosed my voice
I’ll strain ahead for my crown.

So come what may
I’ll not flee in fear
I’ll stand up believing
That my God is so near

He’s living in me
He’s given me life
He won’t disappoint
He is pure Light

God, open my eyes
Help me to see
Help me to recognize
Your beauty in me

Without renewed eyes
I’m not sure I’ll see
Something different than what
I’ve always seen

Strip off the veil
Redeem my sight
That one day I’ll see
Abundance of life

Praise be to You
Who gives strength to me
All worship is Yours
Please bring VICTORY!

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