Sunday, September 11, 2011

A devotional that brought encouragement...

So... I just wanted to share this devotional with all of you... I read it this morning, and it really spoke to me... I was reminded of how important it is to love and support one another, and also of how important it is to take the step that is before us!

"It isn't for the moment you are struck that you need courage,
but for the long uphill climb back to sanity and faith and security."
~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Most of us are on a long uphill climb at this moment. It is a climb we are making together, and yet a climb we can't do for each other. I can reach out my hand to you, and you can grasp my hand in return. But my steps are my own, just as you, too, can only take one step at a time.

For brief periods we skip, even run, along the uphill path. The rocks and the occasional boulder momentarily trip us up. We need patience and trust that the summit is still achievable. We can help one another have patience. We can remind one another to trust.

We look back at the periods that devastated us long ago. And now we are here. We have climbed this far. We are stronger, saner, more secure. Each step makes easier the next step -- each step puts us on more solid ground.

I may run into some rocks or even a boulder today.
I have stepped around them in the past.
I will do so again.

I don't know how many of you feel like you are on the long uphill climb right now, but I know that I am! It is a very steep one at that! However, I know I must keep trudging forward -- no matter how slowly I take each subsequent step!

I am grateful for the few hands that reach out to me along the way, and it is a privilege for me to reach out to others as they are trying to climb!

Let's keep going! Even when it seems too difficult, don't give up!
I am having to say this to myself right now too! I feel like throwing in the towel, but I know that giving up really isn't an option!

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