Sunday, October 9, 2011

A declaration... I will keep pressing on!

Here is a declaration I wrote this morning that I will be clinging to in the coming moments, hours, days, and weeks...

I have been having a very hard time fighting and standing up to ED... However, I know that I must get tenacious about standing up to ED, so I can stand up for LIFE!

After two confrontational appointments this week, I became more aware that I have been quite paralyzed because of fear...

I have chosen to adapt a few powerful scriptures and promises into the first person to use to help build me up and to help equip me for what seems like an impossible battle ahead of me... In my own strength, it is impossible to press on, but I will choose to believe that in His strength, it is possible!

So... Here goes...

"For You will fully satisfy my weary soul, and You will replenish me and restore me from all my languishing and sorrow. For Your love is my well worn path. Your unfailing love surrounds me, Lord! For my HOPE is in You alone! My inner self waits earnestly for You, Lord; You, are my HELP and my SHIELD. I seek after You, inquire of You, and require You of necessity and on the authority of Your Word, and You hear me, and You DELIVER me from all my fears."

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