Monday, October 3, 2011

A poem I wrote last night after a slight emotional breakdown...

I’ll Stand Up
By: Kim Hembry ©
October 2, 2011

Emotion rises up deep within me
I struggle to stand up and struggle to breathe

Tears stream down my face and trickle down my chest
I struggle to press on; I’m so in need of rest

Thoughts race to and fro as they pass through my mind
I struggle to stand up to the constant, tormenting lies

So repulsed by the reflection that I see in front of me
I struggle to find truth amidst such mockery

The battle is so strong and seems more intense
I struggle to lift my eyes; I stand in such suspense

I begin to doubt the existence of a brighter day
I struggle to fight and stand up in the face -

In the face of such turmoil, struggle and strain
In the face of ever-increasing, real, and constant pain

As the emotions rise, they begin to overtake
My chest pounds; my heart begins to quake

I open my mouth to let out a great scream
But my voice is gone; I can’t seem to speak

As the torment continues and the battle persists
I can barely press on; feel that I cannot resist

The plaguing thoughts that pass through my mind
The taunting pleas that echo inside

That come from the deepest places within
That continue to beckon with demands to be thin

Continually repulsed by the image I see
So desperate for eyes and a glimpse of beauty

Come to my rescue; come to my aide
I can’t seem to break out of this constant self-hate

I cry out for mercy; I’m so in need of grace
Can You lift the veil that covers of my face?

Can You give me a glimpse of Your constant light
Can You help me find hope and joy in spite -

In spite of the raging battle I continually fight
In spite of the constant shattering inside

Embrace me in love; wrap me in truth
Help me to see my purpose in You

With each passing day, with each moment endured
Help me to see that You are the cure

Fix my gaze on Your image so true
Wipe away the image that’s skewed

Only in You will I be able to stand
I will hold out, and I’ll trust in Your plan

Stretch out Your hand; I’m in need of rescue
Your love has won; I have been subdued

I can’t walk alone; I can’t do it without
The support and encouragement of friends that I’ve found

I will trust in You; to Your promise I’ll cling
I will keep pressing on ‘til I see sweet victory

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