Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Treatment Poetry: Poem #6...

Trapped in My Skin
By: Kim Hembry©
July 8, 2011

I can't stand what I see
Looking back at me
The reflection is repulsive

I can't stand how I feel
After each and every meal
My body is disgusting

I can't stand being in my skin
I long to be thin
I'm getting even fatter

So many thoughts of self-hate
Still need to lose more weight
The number is too high

I'm so uncomfortable inside
I want to run and hide
I look so unappealing

I'm not sure how to see
My reflection differently
Fear closes in

It's hard to strain forward
In the midst of self-hatred
I feel so drained

My vision is so skewed
By lies I am subdued
I feel so torn

I can't seem to move past
What I see in the glass
I'm so overwhelmed

Will I ever really see
A true reflection of beauty?
I'm in need of new eyes

Only time will tell
If I'll ever be well
I'll try to believe

1 comment:

  1. trust in the ones God has placed in your path. i love you girlfriend! you are beautiful!