Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Treatment Poetry: Poem #1...

By: Kim Hembry©
July 1, 2011

I cannot stand all that I feel
I want to escape to a place surreal

The thundering inside of me strongly sounds
I just ate so much that wasn't allowed

My mind rages with tormenting blame
I'm flooded by pain, torment, and shame

I feel so overcome by what lies ahead
My stomach churns with anxiety and dread

I know deep down that I want to be free
But I'm so overwhelmed by this journey

Part of me wants to run, hide, or disappear
I'm trying to hold in the many tears

I know that to run or try to escape
Isn't the answer - For there's too much at stake

I'm just so tired from this unending fight
Each day it seems harder to fight for my life

I know that's really the only choice I have
But it feels as though this battle will never pass

Even to let up would be a relief
I long so deeply to be at peace

At peace with myself, with my body, and my mind
At peace with the girl I always try to hide

Though this battle isn't easy nor hardly fun
I won't give up but will choose to press on

The fighter within me won't let me give in
But at this point in the battle, I don't feel like I'll win

But I have to remember that it's God's strength in me
That will ultimately bring me to a place of VICTORY!

So I will try to take one step at a time
This journey won't overwhelm me; for I'll take it in stride

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  1. you are an incredible fighter. keep up the fight. love you!