Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Choice for LIFE... Today's battles are in His hands...

Before I get started with today's post, I am reminded of what God spoke to my heart and spirit last night as I was crying out to Him as I was pressing on to finish the rounds of intake that I needed to finish. This is what He spoke to me when I felt overwhelmed and like I couldn't press on any more...

Daughter, when it seems like everything is fighting against you, know that I am fighting for you! When you don't feel like you can take one more step, reach out to Me, and I will help you. I will carry you if I have to! When you feel like all of your strength is gone, know that My STRENGTH never runs low! Keep your gaze fixed on Me, and you will see with a clear perspective. When you take your eyes off of Me and focus on the size and intensity of the battle, it opens a door for discouragement. Keep your eyes fixed on Me and walk in steadfast trust, and you will see what is POSSIBLE with Me!

That was just what I needed!

As I was finishing up my rounds of intake last night, I was watching the movie, "Facing the Giants." If you don't know anything about the movie, a short summary is that God receives the glory in various circumstances because the people in the movie who are facing different obstacles turn to Him in faith and choose to put Him first - at the center! At the end of the movie, this question is asked several times: "Tell me, what's impossible when you have God on your side?" Each time it is asked, the answer is, "NOTHING!"

What a great reminder! NOTHING is impossible when I have God on my side. With Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I need to remember this vital TRUTH as I press on because there are many moments at which I feel I am confronted by and facing impossibilities, but my God makes the "im" disappear, and then I am faced with an array of possibilities!

In the movie, the "Giants" are a football team, but for me as I press on in this journey to RECOVERY, I am up against different "giants." Some of those are ED's voice, fear, doubt, self-hate, reluctancy, unknowns, and a myriad of others. However, the number of giants and the size of them are not important when I have God on my side - for who NOTHING is impossible!

I am reminded of the story of David and Goliath from the Bible. David was confident when He went up against Goliath because he knew that the battle belonged to the Lord. His certainty was in God; he knew that God would come through for him with the victory. That is an inspiration! I have the choice to view each battle on this journey in the same way. I can face each one confidently, knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord and thus does the victory, or I can cower in fear at the sight of the giant before me. It's easier to say this in a moment when I am not facing one my giants head on; it gets harder - yet all the more important - to make the choice to face each giant in confidence when I am in the heat of the battle (which I will be very soon!).

Today is a new day. Impossibilities will present themselves, but if I look at them through the lense of faith and confident trust in my Abba, they become endless possibilities to walk in victory and to give God the GLORY. That is a sure perspective-shifter (a much needed one as I choose to face today!).

As I walk through the journey of today, I will do my best to remember that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN I HAVE GOD ON MY SIDE AND THAT GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN ME THAN THE VOICE AND POWER OF ED! I will face each battle and will be given endless possibilities to lean on and trust in my God - my Refuge!

Also, as I was finishing up my intake last night, God led me to Psalm 91. It is a beautiful passage of scripture that inspires HOPE and CONFIDENCE in my God! It says that He will keep me stable and safe under the shadow of His wings! It says that God is my Refuge, my Fortress, my God on whom I can lean and rely! It says that He will deliver me, that He will cover me with His wings, that He will provide His TRUTH and His faithfulness as a shield and buckler for me! It says that I don't have to be afraid because God will defend me and will preserve me in all of my ways because He is my dwelling place! It says that I shall tread upon the lion and the serpent! It says that because I have set my love upon Him, He will deliver me, He will set me on high! It says that He will never forsake me, that He will be with me in trouble, and that from that trouble, He will deliver me and honor me by giving me long life and showing me His salvation. What marvelous promises to hold onto and to stand on in this journey - in the midst of many battles! Wow! He is more than enough!

In 2 Thessalonians, Paul was encouraging the church of Thessalonica, and what is in the third chapter, the sixteenth verse, is what I also am going to claim and believe for as I press on today! "Now may the Lord of peace Himself grant you His peace (the peace of His kingdom) at ALL times and in ALL ways [under all circumstances and conditions, whatever comes]. The Lord [be] with you all." Having His peace is vital for me at many points of this process because anxiety and fear rise up and try to quench my strength to press on. The peace of God overrides the anxiety and fear. Therefore, I will welcome and believe for His peace throughout this journey!


There is a powerful challenge and charge brought forth in Job 22:21. "Acquaint now yourself with Him [agree with God and show yourself to be conformed to His will] and be at peace; by that [you shall prosper and great] good shall come to you." Having the peace of God and choosing to let it rule and reign in even the most intense and trying of circumstances is a vital part of prospering forward! Wow! It is God's will for us (for me and you) to walk in peace and to be at peace. In a world of chaos, rush, and confusion, it can be hard to put ourselves in agreement with peace, but it is a vital choice to make! I desire to prosper and to experience great good! I will press on in His strength! I will claim His peace!


I get to do so now as I rev up to face round one of intake for today. (Actually, I will get to do so many times today!) I will take today in stride, each round in stride, and I will lean on my Abba to walk with me throughout this day. I will claim peace, and I will view any impossibility that presents itself as a possibility for God to come through in His GLORY! I will speak truth when lies revolt! I will reach out and not act out! I will choose LIFE today!


(Written later)

I am facing my last round of intake, and I am struggling to even have the desire to press on and continue... I know deep down that I need to, but it seems IMPOSSIBLE! "God, I place this impossibility before you, and I trust that You will transform it into a possibility for VICTORY, one sip at a time."

I have almost a whole bottle of supplement left and part of my applesauce... I already did some extra crunches and exercises (that I know I shouldn't have done), but that didn't seem to help... "God, please forgive me for taking it into my own hands as to how I was going to fight... I am struggling to let go of exercise... I don't feel like I can... I do want and need Your help to get through tonight, so I don't act out anymore... Your STRENGTH in me... The battle before me is not mine; it's Yours... I trust You to help me fight in the moment! Rise up, Holy Spirit, in me in Jesus' name! I will claim and breathe in Your PEACE! Your peace that passes ALL understanding! I will offer up a sacrifice of praise as an evidence of my faith and trust in You! You, O God, are my REFUGE!"

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