Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Purple-people-eater!?!?!? No... Not necessarily!

So, one of the lovely side effects of malnourishment is Thrush... It is basically a yeast infection on the tongue... Under normal conditions the body can fight it off, but when immunity is down, the naturally active bacteria causes an irritating rash and infection on the tongue... It has been a beast to try and get rid of... I was put on meds over a week ago that my body couldn't absorb... So, when I went to the Dr. yesterday, she told me to buy something called, Gentian Violet and put it on my tongue to clear it up topically... Sounds harmless enough, right? Well, I opened the bottle, and I was astonished at the brightness of the color... I totally understood the Violet part! Haha! Well, I guess I will have a purple tongue for as long as it takes to clear it up! You should see the look some people give me when they are talking to me! It is priceless!

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