Friday, June 17, 2011

Another poem... My sentiments after a rough day...

Temptation to Escape

By: Kim Hembry ©

June 17, 2011

Pressure builds up from the inside out

Screaming within but can’t seem to shout

Not sure what to do

I want a way out

Of this hell that rages deep inside me

Of the constant torment that won’t let me be

Of this prison cell

I want to break free

From the chains that are wrapped and fastened so tight

I want to break out and walk in the light

But from where I am

There’s no end in sight

Only more darkness encompasses me

With ED’s shouting voice and his desperate pleas

I can’t stand it here

I need a release

From the plague of this pain

From the constant disdain

From the tormenting fear

Yet it’s always the same

The same hellish state

With loads of self-hate

With tears streaming down

Why raise a debate

When I’m defeated and weak

With pale white cheeks

I’m so overwhelmed

It’s peace that I seek

Peace from the One with incomparable strength

Hope from the One who breathes into me

A safe place to run

Where one day I’ll be

Yet I’m stuck in this world where the battle persists

Where the struggle continues, where pain exists

From inside comes a deep pitted cry

It longs for escape, to be heard and dismissed

From the rules and the taunts

From the mirror that haunts

From the mockery

And the unmet wants

From the constant weight of increasing shame

From the failed attempts that lead to more blame

From the unending goals

From the mind that lies consistently maim

So desperate to go to my heavenly home

Where freedom reigns and angels roam

Where love always wins

Where there’s no judgment shown

But until that day comes, until it is time

I will press on; I won’t resign

I’ll keep my gaze steady on Him

Who promised to come and my enemy to bind

I will cling to His unending strength

And He will fight for me who is weak

He will stand on my behalf

And in His arms shall I find relief

From the trials and the storms of this life

From the deep, weepy wounds on the inside

He will extend His healing balm

And His perfect truth will replace all the lies

He’ll walk this journey right by my side

In His strength will I abide

So I will continue

One step at a time!

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  1. Loved this honey. Thank u. Helped me a lot. Needed to read this.