Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Poetry... The poem I promised in my previous post... God is GOOD! He is LOVE, and He extends GRACE!

“Battle Cry”

By: Kim Hembry ©

June 16, 2011

Such relentless love seems to be a mystery.

I stand in awe; it amazes me -

That You, O God above -

Would care enough to look down on me.

Continually in awe of Your amazing grace -

That You saved me on the basis of faith -

That You sent Your one and only Son -

To take the punishment in my place.

Relentless love, amazing grace - such marvelous mysteries.

You my Father, You see me -

Fixing Your eyes and Your gaze -

Saying You take delight in me.

In spite of what I’ve said and done -

In spite of the many times I’ve run -

You’ve never left; You’ve never changed -

You’ve held on tight with Your grip of love.

Though lies bombard, clash against the truth -

In my core, I long for You.

Here my cry; Hear my plea -

Bring Your light into clear view.

Remove the guilt, the hate, and shame -

Wash me clean once again.

Teach me how; Reveal to me -

How to loose and release these chains.

But before the chains can fall to the ground -

I need Your truth to reign and resound -

In my heart, in my mind -

That I may seek Your renown -

Above the voice that demands and deceives -

The voice that speaks mockeries -

Build Your hope and Your desire -

To run from him - and You, to receive.

The battle that plagues persists in my heart -

Often it feels like it is breaking apart.

Take me, hold me, extend to me -

Your unfailing, everlasting arms.

I will choose to run to You -

In this moment will I claim TRUTH.

I won’t look back but will look ahead -

Believing in faith that You’ll see me through -

Through this journey, this fight for my life -

Through the many sleepless nights.

I won’t relent; I won’t give up.

I’ll seek You out with humble cries.

I’ll trust and believe on account of Your Word -

I’ll cling to the power of the sword -

Raising my hand and my voice -

Declaring, “The battle belongs to my Lord.”

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  1. He will never leave you nor forsake you! Keep fighting for this life! He will never ever give up on you no matter what ed wants you to believe.