Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Weapon: A Declaration of HOPE... of VALUE... of the RIGHT to CHOOSE... of TRUTH!

I will DECLARE in FAITH...

Because I am God's daughter, I have HOPE! Because He is with me, I have HOPE! Because I don't walk alone but walk with Him at my side, I have HOPE! Because He chose to give me breath today, I have a reason to FIGHT and to press on! I can only do so in HIS STRENGTH! I can't do it alone! So, I will choose not to give up! I will choose to keep pressing on! Even though ED tries from every side and at all cost to keep me from choosing LIFE, I will choose LIFE in this moment! I will choose to say that...

I was chosen by my Abba before the foundation of the earth. He foreknew me and destined that I would be given LIFE. He knit me together in my mother's womb - bringing together every fiber of my being. He says that He has called me - called me by name - that He even has my name written on the palm of His hand. He says that He has good thoughts toward me that outnumber the grains of the sand. He says that He knows the plans that have been laid out for my life. He says that they are good plans that lead me to HOPE and a FUTURE. He says that I've been purposed to live. He says that my value is above - it's higher than - the most precious of jewels. He says that He would give nations in exchange for my life - to save me! I will choose - in this moment - to say that, in Him, i am valuable! I will choose to cling to the promises of His Word - in this moment - and I will choose LIFE! I will choose to fight for the life that He has saved time and time again. I will choose to believe that no struggle could ever separate me from the LOVE of my Abba who has adopted me and has thus made me an heir to His glorious riches. I will claim PEACE! I will claim JOY! I will claim STRENGTH! I will claim HEALING! I will claim FREEDOM! I will claim DELIVERANCE! I will claim LIFE ABUNDANT! I will choose LIFE in this moment!

I will take today moment by moment, and I will believe that the strength I need to move forward will be made available to me in God's perfect timing! "Though my heart and my flesh may fail, God is my STRENGTH and my portion FOREVER!" I will choose LIFE!

I will declare that...

I can choose to give myself nutrients because my body will fail and shut down if I don't. I don't have to earn the right to live, and I can't deserve life any more or less than I do today because God has purposed that I should live. He gave me LIFE! I am worthy of LIFE not because I've done anything but because my heavenly Father chose to give me LIFE! I am allowed to eat and to give myself nourishment because I have been purposed to LIVE and NOT die! I am allowed to give my brain nutrients because I have been called to steward the soundness of mind which is mine in Christ Jesus! I will not be overwhelmed by the journey or process ahead of me because I will take it in stride ~
I will value every step taken forward, and I will NOT expect perfection! I will set attainable goals with my team, and I will see the VALUE in even the smallest of steps taken forward because they will lead to FREEDOM!

I will declare in boldness that I will OVERCOME because I am MORE than a CONQUEROR in Christ Jesus, my Lord!

(Written by: Kim ©)

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