Saturday, June 11, 2011

RECOVERY: Why You Deserve It... I started writing, and this is what happened! Enjoy!

RECOVERY: Why You Deserve It...

By: Kim Hembry ©

So... you ask yourself, “Why do I deserve recovery?”

Well, today is going to be a day of epiphanies, so get ready! You deserve recovery because you are YOU! That is simple enough, right? Most of you won’t buy into this response, so let me dissect it for you... You deserve recovery simply because you are the only you there will ever be! Even if you are an identical twin, you are the only you with your own unique design and make-up, with your own set of talents and gifts, with your own likes and dislikes, with your own strengths and weaknesses, with your own quirks and oddities... ONLY you possess what is unique to you! There will NEVER be another you that graces the face of the earth with his/her presence! Wow! That is pretty amazing! What an awesome privilege!

Okay, so you still aren’t buying it... That’s okay... Let’s take it a little further... You deserve recovery because your life is not an accident! Your life was planned! Even if your parents have said that you were their little surprise, your life was not a surprise to your Creator. He knew you were coming all along! And even better yet, you were given life not for the mere purpose of existence, but rather for something more! You are destined for something remarkable! Your life has a purpose! Only you can fulfill the purpose that has been set out for you!

Moving on... You need to know that you deserve way more out of life than an eating disorder! You deserve HEALTH! You deserve WHOLENESS! You deserve to LOVE and to be LOVED! You deserve HAPPINESS - JOY even! You deserve to live out your purpose and fulfill your destiny WITHOUT always having ED taunting you with lies, mockeries, and constant attacks at your identity! You deserve to have a CHOICE! You deserve to use your VOICE! You deserve all that life has to offer you!

ED has told you that the next binge or purge will bring you happiness. ED has told you that after losing just one more pound, you will finally be happy. ED has told you that he will make you the “SOMETHING MORE” that you have always longed to be. ED has told you countless lies because none of his promises are ever fulfilled. Whether ED has been a part of your life for one year or for thirty years, his promise for happiness is always contingent upon something that brings harm and destruction to you, and that in the end is never fulfilled.

You deserve to make your own decisions - to make your own choices! You need to know that you have a choice! You have the choice to choose RECOVERY! ED will fight you for it, but you have the choice to stand up to him and LIVE! You deserve to use your VOICE! Your voice is valuable! Maybe you have never heard that before... Maybe you were continually hushed by your parents or by other people in your life... Maybe you were made fun of because you had a speech impediment... Maybe you lost your voice after being abused and being forced never to say anything and sworn to secrecy... I don’t know what your specific case is, but I am here to tell you that you have a voice, and your voice matters! You deserve to be heard! You deserve to tell your story!

You deserve to be seen! You are not meant to disappear! You are meant to be noticed for all that you are - for every last bit of your AMAZING self!

What if I told you that you deserve to see yourself as BEAUTIFUL? Well, you do! You deserve to see your unparalleled beauty! You are stunning! You are a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, a work-of-art! You will never be reproduced! I don’t care how good they get at cloning things! You are the only BEAUTIFUL YOU there will ever be! You deserve to see your beauty, to know your beauty, to embrace your beauty! You deserve to radiate with LIGHT and LIFE!

You deserve to replace ED’s lies with truth! You deserve to know that rather than being unwanted, your life was planned by the Creator of the universe! Rather than being rejected, you are accepted just as you are in the eyes of the One who desires that you would know Him as Father. Rather than being overlooked or neglected or pushed aside, you are seen and valued and loved by the One who formed you! Rather than being left out, you are invited to receive the gift of LIFE - ETERNAL LIFE! Rather than choosing to end your life, you need to know that there is One who already gave His life on your behalf that you would LIVE! You need to know that you are loved by God, whether you have acknowledged Him in the past or not, He has acknowledged you! You need to know that He accepts you in your current condition. You don’t have to perform for Him to accept you! You don’t have to achieve in order to be accepted by Him! You don’t have to be perfect for Him to accept you! All you have to do is be willing to accept Him to be a part of your life! You have to recognize that you cannot save yourself and that you are in need of a Savior!

Wrapping it all up... You deserve recovery because your life is valuable enough that there has already been an exchange of provision made for you, on your behalf, so that you would live! Wow! That is remarkable! Will you believe it? Will you accept the TRUTH? Will you let Him help you fight for your life? Because He will! He longs to! He delights in you! He takes pleasure in fighting for you!

I will tell you that the road to recovery is not an easy one. It is not straight and narrow. There are many twists and turns and sometimes even detours. However, it is worth walking!

You deserve recovery! The choice is before you! Will you embrace it? Will you embark on the journey?

Your life is worth saving! Whether you see it now or not, my prayer is that you will recognize sooner rather than later that recovery is available to you and that you deserve it! It is yours for the taking...

What happens next is up to you!

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  1. I'm going to be writting a post later on today about this. LOVE. IT. YOU DESERVE IT GiRL!!!! You deserve everything you wish to be!