Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hope broke through in poetry!

Grace Saves the Day!

By: Kim Hembry ©

June 19, 2011

Just when all hope seemed to be gone

By the grace of God, a new day dawned

There is a passion growing on the inside

A desire to breathe, to really live this life

There is a new strength rising in the core of me

There is something different happening, you’ll see

My perspective is shifting; there is fresh clarity

There is a glimmer of light helping me to see

That there is purpose in fighting, in not surrendering

To ED’s voice, that it is worth the choice of rendering

To the One who created me by His own design

To the One who has promised to walk by my side

Though the path ahead of me is far from easy

There is a willingness to press on and face this journey

Many questions rise from the depth of my soul

But there is a belief that I’ll be made whole

That I will be revived and renewed day by day

That my voice will be loosed, that I’ll be able to say

“No” to the lies and “yes” to the truth

That I don’t have to put up with all this abuse

And constant torment that rages inside

That there is safety if I let God guide

Me along this path - step by step

Slowly slipping out from under this net

Of twisted perceptions and deceiving thoughts

Of all the have to’s, should’s, and ought’s

That a day will come when I won’t be the slave

To ED’s strict demands, when I will have the say

And the choice to go, to live, and to be

Without ED’s nagging and plaguing company

That as I yield to life and choose daily to fight

That I will truly see the purpose of my life

That the veil will be lifted, that I’ll be able to see

That there is something special and unique about me

That I will embrace who I’m meant to be

That in time I’ll recognize the beauty others see

That there’s more to this life than what I have known

That God is waiting to reveal and longing to show

Me that He’s good, that He’s faithful and true

That His immense love will carry me through

Every single step, every giant leap

That every promise He intends to keep

That I mustn’t worry or fear that He’ll leave

But rather embrace the truth that He’s holding onto me

So I will trust in faith and take ahold of His hand

And I will trust that He has a plan

To take what I’ve suffered and transform it to be

Something that’s good and reflects His glory

So I will cling to my Father above

And will be transformed by His immense love

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