Monday, June 6, 2011

A poem I wrote today... The call to persevere!

In His Strength
By: Kim Hembry
June 6, 2011

Pressing on in -
His divine strength,
Choosing to move forward -
Unaware of the length -
Of the journey that stands -
In front of me.

Choosing to continue -
Unwilling to give up,
Trying to remember -
He poured out His love -
To cleanse and take away -
My sin, guilt, and shame.

Clinging to the truth -
Deciphering the lies,
Trying to choose life -
Though ED constantly vies -
To take more control -
To grasp a tighter hold.

Yet, I'll choose to endure -
Cast away all the fear.
I'll take another step -
While drying the tears.
I'll choose to believe -
One day I'll walk FREE!

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