Monday, June 27, 2011

Post 2 of 2 for today! Whoa! A poem written out of a moment of overwhelming desperation... But God is GOOD! Phew! I can finally breathe a little!


By: Kim Hembry, Copyright

June 27, 2011

Torn up inside by the taunting lies

Not sure what to do, want to run and hide

Pressure builds up and suffocates me

I just want a way out; I want to break free

The storm that rages within my soul

It's too much to bear; it’s taken control

I need a respite and a moment of peace

I need someone to help me find some release

I’m so confused by the unknowns and uncertainties

I can’t seem to hear anything but ED’s desperate pleas

I just want a way out of this raging HELL

I want to die if I can’t be well

Oh no! That’s not true! I will press on!

But I feel so tired and overcome

I feel like I’ve fallen and failed to the nth degree

I feel like no one can really see

The tormenting HELL and the battle that lies within

That lies underneath this pale white skin

That’s tucked away under my crooked smile

That is screaming for release, the inner child

Can you hear her? Can you see?

Will you respond to her desperate plea?

I just feel like I’m treading water

Like I’m really never going to wind up anywhere

This HELL and torment, this perplexed life

Seems to have gotten the best of me – so torn inside

I just want to break out and get fresh air

But I don’t see a way out; I’m so scared!

I just want to disappear, for it to all go away

I just want to wake up to find a new day

I feel like my hope is gone and am left alone

To try and make sense of the screams and the groans

That are trapped within me, that seek release

That never seem to let me be or leave me in peace

I am desperate for a light to break through

The darkness that limits my view

I am straining to fight – to look ahead

Yet am so overcome by fear and dread

I know that there is something more in store for me

But it seems impossible to see or believe

Because I’m so tired and my vision is skewed

By desperate pleas and mockeries I’ve been subdued

I will keep hanging on by the thread of grace

Trying to remember that Christ took my place

I will try to fight and not give up

I will try to push through in spite of

All that I feel raging within

I won’t let ED win

I will raise my voice and cry out desperately

“God, I need You, please HELP ME!”

His voice responds in peace so gently

“I’ve got you, keep hanging onto Me

I won’t let you go; I never will

Just rest in me; I’ll make you still

I know you feel overcome and your chest is tight

But seek Me, and you’ll be immersed in the Light

I love you precious child; keep pressing on

You’ll be held in My everlasting arms

Just look to me in this moment; you will surely see

That I’m with you, that I hear your plea

My promise is good; to My Word I’m true

I am your Hiding Place, your ultimate Refuge

Come to Me; rest in My Truth

I haven’t let go; I’m with you

Can You feel Me? My peace rushing in?

Can you feel my love breaking in?

I’m with you! I won’t fail you now!

You have not failed! I still hold your crown!

Like I’ve said, the waves will crash in; storms will rage

But you will be freed from this cage

Look to me, cling to me now

Trust Me; I’ll show you how

Just be still, breathe, and know

That I’ll never ever let you go!”

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