Saturday, June 25, 2011

Going IP... What it means for me... A reflection...

"They say she is going backward...
Indeed she is...
She is getting ready to take a GIANT leap forward."

Going IP right now is NOT punishment! It doesn't mean I have failed! It doesn't mean I am weak! Actually, on the contrary, it means that I am STRONG and COURAGEOUS and BRAVE! It means that I recognize the VALUE that is in my LIFE, that I am willing to admit that I need help trying to FIGHT for it and SAVE it right now! It just means that I am willing to let go of the reigns for a little while and let someone else take them over for a little bit, so I can be built up - mentally, emotionally, and physically - so I can be RESTORED to fight and press on in this battle!

Going IP right now is NOT a setback or a back-step, but rather, it is a tool that will be used as a CATALYST that WILL PROPEL me onward in my journey to RECOVERY!

Going IP right now does NOT shame me, but rather, it HUMBLES me as I admit that I need a little extra help right now!

Going IP is not selfish, but rather it is how I can CHOOSE to take care of me right now!

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