Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poem I wrote this morning when I felt overcome by ED!

Breaking Out

By: Kim Hembry

June 8, 2011

Living life in the shadow of ED

I don’t want to get up

I’d rather stay in bed

Too many thoughts rage

And run through my head

Living life behind ED’s mask

I long to break free

From this house made of glass

The journey brings tears and pain

How long will it last?

Living up to Ed’s strict demands

I’m never enough

I throw up my hands

He stole so many dreams

And thwarted so many plans

Living enslaved to ED’s lies

He speaks so loudly

What I see I despise

Torment and hate are his tools

To try and seize my life

Lies, masks, demands, and shame

I long to be rid of them

So my life I will claim

I will press on in recovery

And I will never be the same

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