Thursday, June 9, 2011

A poem written in the heat of battle!

Between Two Voices

By: Kim Hembry ©

June 9, 2011

Two voices compete for space in my mind

One speaks in hushed tones of love

The other in a tone unkind

You’d think it’d be easy to yield to a voice

That sounds pleasant and peaceful

That gives you a choice

But the other voice beckons with loud demands

Layering on immense pressure

Not sure I can stand

Up to the voice that’s demanding of me

Though I know that the other

Will help me to see

The lies and deception that clash with the truth

The perspective that matters

What is really valued

So I will choose to respond to the love

And stand up to the voice

That pushes and shoves

Believing that as this journey goes on

The harsh, violent voice

Will be overcome

By the voice that speaks hope, calming with peace

That encourages with love

That helps me to see

That my life truly matters and is worth fighting for

That it’s worth pressing on

That there’s something more

Important in this life than what I have known

Something greater than dreams

And stories untold

So I will press on and stand up to the lies

To the voice that belittles

I won’t run and hide

But I’ll turn to the voice that doesn’t condemn

I’ll yield to His love

And surely I’ll win!

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